❤ Finally, some time for blerf

2 Oct Becka author of the Blerf blog

I’ve been meaning to do this…

I say that a lot. Okay, fine. A lot, a lot, a lot. But so does everyone else, right? I mean think about it – how many “I need/want/should/would/can/wish to” things do you have on your list?

I’m a bit of a nerd and geek and I type fast. I love sharing and I love surfing blogs that inspire, education, and make me go “OMG I WANT THAT! I MUST DO THAT!” which is why I am a pinterest addict (find me here). So, I have finally found a few moments to bring my spin on pinterest to the webbies of the world.Webbies unite!

Keep an eye out for blogs with recipes, secret getaways/outings, lifehacks, beauty tips, random thoughts, and kid-inspired living. I’m a single mom (according to the government who, by the way, is on my list) with a wonderful boyfriend living and working full time in addition to dealing with family issues, health concerns, cooking dilemmas, dog days, holidaze, and general chaos that comes with it. Hey, it’s life – and blerf is THE perfect word for it.

Stay tuned!